Uncovered Ground

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Uncovered Ground

Chamber works by Felicity Wilcox


This first-ever collection of concert works by Felicity Wilcox represents the cream of her recent chamber music compositions. They include a brand-new recording of her celebrated bass clarinet work composed for Jason Noble, ‘People of this Place’, alongside works commissioned by Ensemble Offspring, Ironwood, and the Australia Ensemble, as well as a movement from Wilcox's first string quartet, performed by Sydney Art Quartet.

This eclectic and mercurial album marks the honing of a strong, contemporary voice in Australian art music, and is an important record of Wilcox's emergent work. It is also a loving tribute to the musicians and ensembles who have championed her music and who contribute so much to Australia's musical landscape.


Track Listing:

People of this Place (Felicity Wilcox)
Uncovered Ground (Felicity Wilcox)
Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger (Felicity Wilcox, Marin Marais)
- Tambourin
- Le Tourbillon (electronic interlude)
- Le Tourbillon
Vivre Sa Vie, Composer’s Cut (Felicity Wilcox)
Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger La Reveuse - Coda (Felicity Wilcox, Marin Marais)
SON-ombra, String Quartet no. 1 SON (Felicity Wilcox)
Gouttes d’un Sang Etranger Fragments I - IV (Felicity Wilcox, Marin Marais)
Snow II. Falling (Felicity Wilcox)


Ironwood · ensemble · tracks 2, 3, 5 and 9
Ensemble Offspring · ensemble · all except tracks 4 and 8
Sydney Art Quartet · ensemble · track 8

Released May 2021

  • Move Records
  • MD 3456