Trying To Remember What I Chose To Forget

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Trying To Remember What I Chose To Forget

Graeme Jennings (violin), Alex Raineri (piano), Trish Dean (cello)


Works for violin, viola and cello, and piano by composer Frank Millward are an exploration of the way we choose to listen, process and subsequently remember.

The titles of the movements of these pieces express the emotional soundscapes of the explorer searching for landmarks and voices that speak of how and what we choose to remember. Memoire Omissions – the left unspoken; The Tangled Tango – the complications that blur remembering; Sadness to Madness – the tragedy and impact of forgetting; Contact; Connect; Tracer – three euphemisms used in remembering wars.

Track Listing

Frank Millward:

Trying to Remember What I Chose to Forget

i. Partial Reflection
ii. Memoire Omissions
iii. Tangled Tango

Contact – Connect – Tracer

i. Contact
ii. Connect
iii. Tracer

Sadness to Madness

i. Sad
ii. Mad


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