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Chamber Songs by Andrew Schultz


Jenny Duck-Chong and Alison Morgan
together with
Anna Martin-Scrase (cello)
Jennifer Druery (double bass)
William Jackson (percussion)
Rowan Phemister (harp)
Sally Whitwell (piano)
Luke Spicer, (conductor)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Geoffrey Gartner (cello)
Chris Cartner (piano)
Kirsty McCahon (double bass)
This is a very special recording of some extraordinary vocal music by Australian composer Andrew Schultz. Halcyon (which is Alison Morgan and Jenny Duck-Chong, and a stellar band of instrumental musicians) has championed Schultz's work for one and two voices throughout its twenty-year history.

In Schultz's own words: "Throughout my career I have returned time and again to vocal music. My interest is in both the words and the music and the ways in which they can complement each other and thereby enlarge the meaning and communication of each alone. So it is not surprising that I have been drawn to rich texts, old and new, and also sought to adapt and create texts that enable me the freedom to express my own personal experience. This disc presents a cross-section of my vocal music in the expert hands of Halcyon."

This is the third CD devoted to Schultz's music that has been released on Tall Poppies.
The Chamber Music of Andrew Schultz (TP065) played by Perihelion was released in 1995 and Suspended Preludes (TP171) was released in 2004.