The Sparrow and the Mead Hall

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The Sparrow and the Mead Hall

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)


Composed and (mostly) performed by Michael Kieran Harvey these works range in style from the extended techniques and rarefied atmosphere of Piano Sonata #7 to the more traditional romanticism of Liszt and Busoni in the Four Ballades, to the entertaining bebop language of Lawyers… and the strident metal-influenced satire of Death Cap Mushroom.

Track Listing:

Four Ballades for Piano (2021) (Michael Kieran Harvey)

Quasi fantasia

Piano Sonata #7: “The Sparrow and the Mead Hall” (2021) (Michael Kieran Harvey)

I. Non fui (Misterioso)
II. Fui (Ansioso)
III. Non sum (Free, atmospheric)
IV. Non curo (Distaccato)

Lawyers Are Lovely Misunderstood People and We Should All Be Much Kinder to Them, for Piano (2021) (Michael Kieran Harvey)

Death Cap Mushroom (2021) (Michael Kieran Harvey)


Released December 2023

  • Move Records
  • MD 3471