The Last Will and Testament of John Sangster

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Tony Gould, Len Barnard, Graeme Lyall and friends. A fitting musical tribute to one of Australia's unsung heroes of jazz - John Sangster - by some of this country's top performers. Nominated for the 2003 Australian Jazz Awards!

According to Sangster's long-time colleague and jazz drummer Len Barnard, the music herein was written in Brisbane, when John knew he was on borrowed time and the cancer could no longer be pacified - yet there is no inkling of self pity. The old humour, optimism, and the knowledge that he had given life a hell of a shake anyway shines through these pieces. Some may have developed into something John hadn't meant them to, but one can imagine him chortling and nodding approval. There was an honesty about all of them, and they add to his fine works of other years.

Move Records
MD 3255