The Dying Sun

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The Dying Sun

A work in four movements, by Rebecca Erin Smith

Madeleine Antoine (violin), Setsu Masuda (piano)


Composers have long been inspired by the idea that we are not separate from nature but part of it and music can speak from that innate part of us. Award-winning composer Rebecca Erin Smith's piece is both a connection to and a reflection on natural landscapes. It features violinist Madeleine Antoine and pianist Setsu Masuda.

The Dying Sun depicts the natural environment as precious and rare. It is an homage to the land, made all the more important because of our knowledge of the frailty of wilderness and the rapidity with which the environment is diminishing.

The 1st movement Blood, meaning ‘lifeblood’, is in reference to the sun. It is mostly slow and gestural, and explores images of a wide expanse of land over the course of the day. The sun rises and the sun dies. The movement explores the detail which can be created out of a single note through the expression and texture.

The 2nd movement Milk depicts the vast Milky Way constellation.

The 3rd, Nectar, refers to the canola fields, the rustling harmonic sounds evoking the movement of wildflowers and insects.

The final movement Salt explores the coastal area at Sugarloaf Rock - a large natural granite island rising dramatically out of the ocean near Cape Naturaliste in the south west.

Track Listing:

1. Blood

2. Milk

3. Nectar

4. Salt


Move Records 1CD
MCD 609