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Colin Bright Syzygy Band
Paul Cutlan - bass clarinet, saxes + FX
Nick Polovineo - trombone + FX
Noam Jaffe - violin + FX
Stephen Morley - horn + FX
Jim Piesse - percussion + FX
Colin Bright - piano + FX + sampling

This CD presents one work by Colin Bright written especially for his Syzygy Band, an ensemble of outstanding improvising musicians. The score is published in the CD booklet, and this allows a listener to follow the music and see where the music is written out and where it becomes the reponsibility of the ensemble members to improvise.

The music is inspired by the immensity of outer space, as Colin Bright says: “Concepts of space set the mind spinning. The incredible vastness. The minutest particles. No centre. No boundary. No beginning. No end…? Music explores ideas that cannot be put into words and that is what this piece attempts to do. To set the imagination on fire - for the players and the listeners. The performers have to achieve a sense of flow, to connect with each other through the music, in conjunction and opposition. Syzygy!”

Colin Bright is a Sydney-based Australian composer and musician whose music reflects different aspects of being an Australian. This is not the first time his music has been presented by Tall Poppies. The cover of this CD addresses the theme of the music with a magnificent photograph taken by David Malin at the Australian Observatory.