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South Solitary - Original music from the film, composed by Mary Finsterer

South Solitary is a gentle comic romance featuring Barry and Miranda Otto. The atmospheric, beautiful music by Mary Finsterer, composed as the film was being made, inspired actors and crew in the creation of this extraordinary piece of cinema.

Synopsis: The year is 1927. Meredith (Miranda Otto), an unmarried woman in her thirties, arrives on the remote lighthouse island South Solitary as an unpaid companion to her elderly uncle (Barry Otto), the new head light keeper. Bad weather, tragedy and misadventure leave Meredith marooned on the island with only the sullen and withdrawn Assistant Keeper Fleet (Marton Csokas), a returned soldier very much damaged by his war experience. A tender, faltering courtship ensues.

Written and directed by Shirley Barrett. Original music by Mary Finsterer.


Prelude to Villers-Bretonneux
The Arrival
The Arrival Coda
The Island
One Star Awake
Birds Nest
Looking for Cow
Solitary Lament – Instrumental
Solitary Lament – The Leaving
Ascending Flag
Lighting the Burner
Sweetheart Embroidery
After the Storm
Finding Lucille
Lighthouse (reprise)
Moni’s Reel
Solitary Lament
The Departure

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