Sonic Stones

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Tall Poppies

Sonic Stones represents two aspects of AustraLYSIS innovative work in computer mediated sound. One piece, Piano Stones, is an elaborate completed composed work, made entirely in the digital domain, though using and transforming natural stone sounds, and pre-recorded piano played by Dean. The work transits from the sound of the piano almost continuously to the sound of stones, and has strong references to the work of influential jazz pianist Bill Evans. The other piece Memeing ex Cathedra, is almost an hour long, and presents extended live computer-interactive improvisation, and was originally performed direct to air in a day-long international web cast. Multiple layers of rhythmic and textural process are superimposed, including elements from drum and bass, noise music, sampled keyboard and other diverse sounds. The whole is integrated into a large evolving structure.

The CD is the sixth on Tall Poppies by AustraLYSIS, continuing their tradition of radical change and challenge: it is quite different from their previous work on the label. The performers are Director and Founder, Roger Dean, and long term collaborator Greg White, who both have extensive track records in composed and improvised music internationally. Additionally, Dean is intensively involved in research in music computation and cognition, while White is active as a music educator and as a film and media composer and sound designer.


Roger Dean: Piano Stones
Greg White/Roger Dean: Memeing ex Cathedra