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A Suite of Music by Sandy Evans

Sandy Evans: soprano & tenor saxophone
Steve Elphick: double bass
Alon Ilsar: airsticks & drums
Satsuki Odamura: koto & bass koto
Adrian Sherriff: bass trombone
Bobby Singh: tabla

The essential ingredients for this CD: Sandy Evans loving the dawn photos taken in Shoalhaven Gorge by Belinda Webster in the early 2000s; A supporter in Tasmania offering to fund the project; Sandy writing some amazing music to be heard with the photos; an eclectic group of friends agree to play and record this music.

What you have is a suite of duos interspersed with Alon Ilsar's groundbreaking sonic wizardry. A brilliant sense of time and place in the music; superb performances.

This would have to be one of the most intriguing musical releases on CD in Australia so far this century!


Rock Water Temple Satsuki Odamura, Sandy Evans
Lake Yarrunga Morning Mist Sandy Evans, Bobby Singh
Cliff Edge Alon Ilsar
Dasavatara Adrian Sherriff, Sandy Evans
Blue Gorge Alon Ilsar
Curved Tree Satsuki Odamura
Tree Tangle Steve Elphick, Sandy Evans
Rock Warrior Adrian Sherriff, Sandy Evans
Lake Yarrunga Colours Satsuki Odamura, Sandy Evans
Stonefish Alon Ilsar
Rock Warrior 2 Bobby Singh, Sandy Evans
Lake Yarrunga Steve Elphick, Sandy Evans