Rita Hunter in Concert

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Rita Hunter (soprano)
Victor Morris (piano)

Rita Hunter is one of the great unsung heroines of the world of sopranos. This recording was made at a concert given in London in the 70s and shows her at her best in a programme of variety and passion.


Verdi Ritorna vincitor
Mascagni Voi lo sapete
Ivor Novello Some day my heart will awake
Ivor Novello Waltz of my heart
Puccini O my beloved daddy
Mozart Porgi amor
Kahn When April sings
Penn Smilin' through
Puccini They call me Mimi
Romberg One kiss
Verdi O patria mia
Haydn Wood A brown bird singing
Haydn Wood Bird of love divine
Puccini One fine day
Verdi Tu che le vanita
Oscar Strauss My hero
Tosti Goodbye


"It is a puzzle why, if Pavarotti can make it big, the infinitely more gifted Rita Hunter has been so seriously ignored by opera companies and record labels alike.…(on this CD) Hunter goes through her paces in a real old-fashioned recital program.…Of course, these are as much showpieces as the stuff that Pavarotti trots out, but Hunters's artistry is of an altogether higher order. Where Pavarotti deals in cliche after sobbing cliche, Hunter brings a far greater emotional range and places it at the service of a searching musical intelligence…Hunter's performances are thoroughly distinguished." - Andrew Ford, 24 Hours May 1994

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