Rhythms of Green and Gold

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Rhythms of Green and Gold

John Martin (piano)

Australian pianist John Martin presents an entertaining range of music from 10 Australian composers.

Many of the compositions are inspired by ragtime, blues and jazz, but very melodic. There are three Australian waltzes by Ross Edwards. May Howlett's The Baroque Rag blends Bach and ragtime. Ann Carr-Boyd wrote The Solitary Rag at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns. John Martin plays his own The Everglades at Dawn, inspired by the National Trust gardens in the Blue Mountains. There are 19 short pieces altogether.

Although this CD is entirely solo piano, John is known to many as an accompanist for performers such as Jane Rutter: “We {Peter Cousens and Jane Rutter} have enjoyed touring with Australian pianist John Martin, whose lovely playing, erudition and elegant manners delighted us and audiences.”

Track Listing:

Dreamboat Blues - Amanda Handel
Bootleg Blues - Amanda Handel
Blue Laze - Amanda Handel
A Walk down Ragtime Lane - Tom Anderson
Nonchalance - Elena Kats-Chernin
Reflections - Elena Kats-Chernin
Round Midday - Matthew Dennett
Sassafras Gully Waltz - Ross Edwards
Sandy Stone's Waltz - Ross Edwards
Annandale Waltz - Ross Edwards
Take Seven - Rod Heard
Summer Arrives - Rod Heard
Barbera Blues - Rod Heard
Rags to Riches - Rod Heard
The Everglades at Dawn - John Martin
Taurus - Stuart Greenbaum
Looking to the Future - Stuart Greenbaum
The Baroque Rag - May Howlett
The Solitary Rag - Ann Carr-Boyd


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MCD 622