Rhythms of Change

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Claire Edwardes: Rhythms of Change

Claire Edwardes (percussion)

In 2020, Australian musician Claire Edwardes, described recently as 'the wonder woman of percussion' began a movement in her home country. Rhythms of Change is a project that addresses the parity of the representation of women in classical music and specifically in the rarefied world of solo percussion music.

The featured new works on this resulting CD are by a range of esteemed Australian composers from emerging to established and reflect the Australian culture as well as documenting recent national and world events.


Track Listing:

Stings and Wings (Maria Grenfell)
- Jack Jumper
- Dragonfly
- Moth Hunt

Falling Embers (Ella Macen)

Verve (Ella Macen)

Mirroring (Alice Chance)

Receptor (Peggy Polias)

Slipstreams (Bree van Reyk)

Violet’s Etude (Elena Kats-Chernin)

Poppy’s Polka (Elena Kats-Chernin)

Dance Vignettes (Anna Cawrse)
- Meditations and Hymns
- Fancy and Flight
- Scamper and Scoot


Move Records CD
MD 3459