Polina Leschenko - Liszt Recital

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Polina Leschenko - Liszt Recital

Polina Leschenko (piano)

For the first time Polina Leschenko records warhorses of the classical repertory. With the Liszt Sonata in B minor; Busoni’s Transcription of the Chaconne (J.S. Bach); the Waltz from Faust (Gounod/Liszt); and a marvellous Prelude and fugue in A minor (J.S. Bach/Liszt), Polina, at only 25, presents a truly thrilling program.

Polina’s virtuosity is again displayed at its very best. Her vision of the works will undoubtedly provoke many reactions. Polina Leschenko is not a consensual artist. She is a highly individual voice among today’s greatest pianists.

For those who consider the art of interpretation as a quest for a musical truth that is not cast in stone but, on the contrary, is a domain for imagination, respect and above all an unequalled means to communicate the deepest feelings, this record is unmissable.

Her incredible involvement in these works, her absolute knowledge of the counterpoint, her total musical command, her true poetic moments as well as her furies will certainly not leave anybody unmoved.


Franz Liszt (1811­-1886)

Bach/Liszt: Prelude und Fugue a­moll, Prelude & Fugue in A minor, Prélude et fugue en La Mineur (Transkription nach/ transcription after/d’après J.S. Bach), S. 462

Feruccio Busoni (1866-­1925): Chaconne, (Transkription nach/ transcription after/d’après J.S. Bach)

Franz Liszt (1811­-1886): Valse de l'opéra Faust, (Transkription nach/ transcription after/d’après Charles Gounod), S. 407

Franz Liszt (1811­-1886): Sonate für Klavier h­-Moll, S. 178 (Piano Sonata in B minor, S. 178)


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