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Claire Edwardes - percussion
Claire Edwardes is one of Australia’s most charismatic performers, and this is her third solo CD for Tall Poppies. Her first CD (Coil: TP193) contained a selection of important Australian works; her second (Flash: TP215) featured an eclectic array of miniatures taken from the children’s piano literature as well as new commissions, for which she was the recipient of the 2012 Art Music Award for Excellence.

Her innate desire to commission new works is a feature of all Claire’s recordings. Her latest CD ONE, is no exception, with new works composed for her by both Australian and international composers. She also includes repertoire staples by Xenakis, Stockhausen and Rzewski. What is immediately evident is the huge variety of approaches to the vast sound world of percussion, often using no more than just her voice and a single sound source whether it be a hi hat or hardware-variety flower pots.

This CD is a wild ride, so strap on your seatbelt and enjoy!