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Tall Poppies

Stephanie McCallum is a Sydney-based pianist who specialises in contemporary music. Her acclaimed performances here bring light and colour into these works. Music by Xenakis and Boulez sit well beside the music of a generation of Australian composers.


Moya Henderson: Cross Hatching (1984)
Nigel Butterley: Uttering Joyous Leaves (1981)
Pierre Boulez: Douze Notations Pour Piano
Chris Dench: Two Phase Portraits Helical (1976)
Chris Dench: Esperance (1985/86)
Margaret Sutherland: Extension (1967)
Nigel Butterley: Lawrence Hargrave Flying Alone (1981)
Keith Humble: Arcade II (1969)
Iannis Xenakis: Herma (1962)