Music for Trumpet and the King Of Instruments

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In the world of classical music, one of the most special and enduring combinations of instruments is that of the trumpet and the pipe organ. This combination, dating back over a millenia, has produced a tradition of heroic and majestic music making.

What surprises many is that this combination is also capable of great subtlety and lyricism as some of these pieces demonstrate. For part of this recording the trumpet and organ are heard here in an unusual context, being recorded in a converted ex-Malthouse in the inner Melbourne suburb of Collingwood.

This program features many new tailor-made arrangements for not only this wonderful combination of instruments, but also for the two players involved. For some of the pieces the resources of a larger and more comprehensive organ were required. It was decided to use the organ at St. Michael’s, Collins Street, Melbourne, with its grand 19th century sound. St. Michael’s is the venue where most of these arrangements received their premiere performances, and so holds a special sentiment on the part of the two players.

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