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Roger Dean
1978 to 2012

It’s a rare thing to be able to showcase a performer’s work over a forty-year period. This 2-CD set does just that. Roger Dean has had a serious career in improvisation, ranging from his performances over that time to his books written on the subject. This pair of CDs contains some of his best work since 1978 on his main instrument, the piano. The music shows the depth and breadth of his musical interests, and the skill he brings to performing. One can also see how he has re-invented himself musically over that period, during which he has also re-invented his professional working life, from running a heart research institute, to becoming a university vice-chancellor, to his current university research.

Dean opines that this release was inspired by the ground-breaking set of CDs Tall Poppies released in the early 90s of the improvisations of the late Roger Frampton. In this 21st year of Tall Poppies, it feels somewhat like a coming of age, when a project from the beginning inspires a new project a couple of decades later.

All pianists and improvising musicians will find food for thought in this CD set.

This CD release is part of Tall Poppies’ 21st birthday celebrations.


Roger Dean:

CD 1

Inside and Out: impure piano

In the Traditions
Rollin’ for Harry
Metagroove Blue
The Monk’s Habit
Calling Carla

Dolphins Fly By
Breaking In the Song 1
Breaking in the Song 2
Breaking in the Song 3

Joining Up
QV Free
76 Sound Engines
Bimbimbie Piano
Regaining Bill

CD 2

Outside and Beyond: Multi-Piano

Jazz, solo live piano and algorithmic ostinato

Piano and processing, solo
Louis Le Moine
Talking with Phil
SoloDuo 1
SoloDuo 2

Dance 1, acoustic piano duo

Duos of piano and processing or pre-recorded material
Vestige (Greg White)
Kinetic Kingston Piano

ElectroPiano, solely computer interactive performances
MeanHarmony 2

Dance 2
Piano and live algorithmic processing
MetaGroove Dance