Mirabile in Prague

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Mirabile in Prague

Australian composer John Allan has orchestrated a collection of his own original compositions. This CD also includes his orchestrations of piano pieces by Debussy and Brahms. David Kram conducts members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Conductor David Kram: "Over eighty members of the Prague Radio Symphony performed John’s work under my direction. They vie with the Czech Philharmonic for quality and are more experienced in a recording studio. I have worked with these musicians since 2006, when Paul Kram founded a company now called Concertori Recordings. Czech musicians have the richness of German orchestras, the elan of the Italians and the subtlety of the French. Czech recording producers are magic-weaving wizards."

Track Listing:

Aeolian Caprice - John Allan
Fantasia on Mahler’s Purgatorio - John Allan
Mirabile - John Allan
Mirabilia Antipodia - John Allan
Marcia Mirabilis - John Allan
Estampes La Soirée dans Grenade - Claude Debussy, Arr: John Allan
Piano Sonata in C, Op. 1: No.1 Scherzo - Johannes Brahms, Arr: John Allan

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