Michael Kieran Harvey - Piano Sonata No.6

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Sixth Piano Sonata composed by Michael Kieran Harvey

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)


Piano Sonata #6: '17 Graeme Lee Prints' was written during the 2020 pandemic. It was commissioned by Graeme Lee, and is a response to the series of prints he produced during July 2020.

A further interpretational layer is added with the aphorisms of Dr Arjun von Caemmerer, who wrote the accompanying text "Leeward Epigraemes" as a response to both the images and nascent musical sketches.

The main binding element in the 17 sonata movements is the intuitive hermeneutic response to each Lee print. Originally conceived as a collection of pieces, the work coalesced as a sonata due to the mereology of its constituent elements.: 17 is the only prime number to be made up of four consecutive primes (2,3,5,7), and these figure constantly throughout the sonata.

In the same way, Lee's prints and von Caemmerer's aphorisms are at once highly contrasting and individual, yet bound as a series by their overarching and distinctive visual "language". To emphasise the interdependence between the visual, text and music, each movement is preceded by an aphorism and the appropriate print which appear in the accompanying CD booklet, and in the digital booklet (the link is under cover above).

Released January 2021

  • Move Records
  • MD 3453