Mendelssohn Cello

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Mendelssohn Cello

Zoë Knighton (cello), Amir Farid (piano)

Mendelssohn is often regarded as a composer who lived a charmed life and therefore whose compositions lack a certain integrity or depth of expression. The gloriousness of his music, its likeability and his creativity in celebrating humanity are certainly primary reasons for his music's longevity.

Felix Mendelssohn came from a wealthy family and one that supported Felix's and indeed, his sister Fanny's creative endeavours. These two are perhaps the most famous sibling team in Western classical music.

Should one have to endure hardship in order to discover one's inventive and expressive potential? It is easy to forget that Felix died at the extremely tender age of 38 and having just outlived Mozart and Schubert, he certainly deserves his place in the musical hall of fame. (Indeed, his wedding march from 'A Midsummer's Night's Dream' will forever place him in that hall of fame as many a bride has walked down the aisle to those fateful bars.) As with all premature deaths, the question remains - "What if?"

His cello works are largely inspired by his brother, Paul, who was an amateur cellist. Imagine the family get togethers with such siblings! One can only be jealous of the flies on those walls.

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