Mantras and Night Flowers

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Mantras and Night Flowers

Music by Ross Edwards and Carl Vine
Bernadette Harvey - piano

One can be sure that Australian music might be finally coming of age when one record label can contemplate a third recording of a recent piano work - Carl Vine's magnificent Piano Sonata No 1 is now released for the third time by Tall Poppies. The previous two recordings were made by Bernadette's brother Michael on a Stuart & Sons piano and then a Steinway. Bernadette plays here on a Fazioli piano. She also performs the Anne Landa Preludes, a set of twelve short works showing Vine's complete mastery of piano writing.

Both of the works by Ross Edwards are world premiere recordings. His Mantras & Night Flowers was written between 1982 and 2001 and is a collection of exquisite miniatures. Paired with this is his first Piano Sonata, written in 2011 for Bernadette. These works were supervised in the studio by the composer.

Ross Edwards: Mantras & Night Flowers
Ross Edwards: Piano Sonata
Carl Vine: Piano Sonata no 1
Carl Vine: The Anne Landa Preludes