Luz Meridional (Southern Light)

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A CD with bonus DVD. Luz Meridional was composed by Andrián Pertout for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Comprising 24 solo piano études each piece contains a quotation from an early Australian composer.

The bonus DVD-ROM contains video of seven of the études, a short documentary about the work, and various PDF documents and scores about Luz Meridional, including a long analytical essay by Arjun von Caemmerer. These can be copied from the DVD to your computer.

The quotations from the Australian composers utilise and transform this material in various ways: contrapuntal procedures, formal structures, pointillism, time point sets, tempo canons, combinatoriality, imitation, linear additive composition models, ornamentation, ostinato, quotations, rhyme schemes, serialism, inversions and palindromes, interval exploration, reharmonization, additive rhythms, bell ringing sequences, De Bruijn sequences, isorhythms, metric modulations, non-retrogradable rhythms, polyrhythms, True Random Number Generators, etc.

MD 3435