Light in Dark

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Light in Dark

Piano music by Tom Henry

Jennifer Enchelmaier (piano)


Light in dark is a compendium of piano works by composer Tom Henry. There are a number of different stylistic influences in this newly recorded selection including jazz, pop, the diverse influences of renaissance polyphony, and 20th century modernism.

While Tom Henry spent his early years preoccupied with the velvety, golden sound of the flute, this CD charts his later and enduring love affair with the piano. From his first short works for solo piano, through to his immensely complex and challenging two piano sonatas, Light in dark charts the musical journey of 20 years in the life of a composer.

Pianist Jennifer Enchelmaier, the composer’s long-time collaborator, brings to each of the works on this CD her unmistakeable warm and lyrical touch.

The title Light in dark comes from the second movement of his Three Pieces for Piano, and is dedicated to Henry’s former composition teacher, the late Lawrence Whiffin. It’s appropriate that the CD title comes from this work, as it stands about midway in Henry’s musical output for the piano. The works on the CD are therefore extremely varied, even including a touch of Broadway!


Track Listing:

Ecstatic preludes (2005) Tom Henry
I. Like an omen
II. Sensual and languid
III. Calm and flowing

Three short pieces for piano (2005) Tom Henry
I. Andante
II. Piu agitato
III. Molto allegro

Studies for modern times (2005) Tom Henry
I. Pop song
II. April 2005 "In stillness"
III. Film theme

Pieces for children (2006) Tom Henry
A sad story

Songs without words (2003-2006) Tom Henry
I. Remembrance
II. Nocturne
III. New York

Three pieces for piano (2010) Tom Henry
I. Intermezzo
II. Light in dark
III. Toccata

Piano Sonata No. 1 (2006, revised 2011) Tom Henry
I. Theme: 
Quasi recitativo: molto drammatico, con rubato
II. Variations: Poco agitato; Molto tranquillo, con rubato; Molto calmo e ritmato 
(quasi una Habanera); Poco agitato; Quasi recitativo, con rubato; 
Poco giocoso; Violento; Maestoso; Poco giocoso – recitativo; 
Martiale, molto ritmato – Recitativo
III. Moto perpetuo

Piano Sonata No. 2 (2018) (‘on the name of Grevis Beard’) Tom Henry


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