Ladylute 2 - Relaxing Lute

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Ladylute 2 - Relaxing Lute EP

Susan King, baroque lute

EP compact disc

"The lute is a noble is used commonly at the going to bed of the Kings of France, and that time is the time of most rest and silence." Burwell Lute Tutor c.1680

In this recording Susan King invites the listener to discover the captivating sound of the D minor 11 course lute, whose relaxing tones are ideally suited to moments of rest and contemplation.

David Kellner published his only book of lute music in his last year of his life at a time when the 11 course lute had been replaced by the 13 course lute. Why? Perhaps he wrote this music as a young man and as he saw the end drawing near, wanted to leave this music of his youth as a gift to the world.

A possible composer of Ayr and the untitled piece we have named "The Journey" is Achatius Casimir Hültz, a 17th Century lutenist from Nuremberg. Known for his beautiful melodies, these pieces are from a manuscript in Melbourne University Library.

Karlin Greenstreet Love (Australia) and Matthew Leigh Embleton (UK) are two modern composers who have written extensively for lute. Karlin with her background in classical, jazz, klezmer and folk and Matthew with his background in ambient and electronic composition, show that the lute is alive and well in the 21st century.


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