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Tall Poppies

Tony Gorman • composer, bandleader
Sandy Evans • saxophonist, composer, bandleader
Simon Barker • drums
Paul Cutlan • saxophones, clarinet
Carl Dewhurst • guitarist/composer
Steve Elphick • bass
Satsuki Odamura • koto
Phil Slater • trumpet
Greg White • computer

GEST8 is the brainchild of Sandy Evans and Tony Gorman, and continues their exploration of new sounds in improvisation and jazz. Kaleidoscope is the band’s debut CD.

GEST8 is extraordinary for its instrumentation (which includes koto and electronics) and for the undeniable virtuosity of each player. These talents contribute equally to bring some marvellous original compositions to life in a distinctively Australian manner - an unusual blend of ancient and modern sounds. The medieval meets the avant-garde through this band’s creative processes, stimulating musicianship and camaraderie. This is one of the most interesting and unusual jazz performances you are likely to hear for some time.

Impossibly, this band is greater than the sum of its parts.