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Leos Janacek (1854-1928)

Complete Piano Music

Lisa Moore (piano)

Lisa Moore is a sparkling musician, and she breathes fresh life into these Czech masterpieces. Not so well-known on the concert platform, Janacek's piano music ranges from darkly brooding to cheerful dancing, with all the drama one would expect from one of this century's most-loved opera composers.

"Janacek made a very important comment about the notes on a printed page being steeped in life and blood – 'otherwise,' he said, 'they are like playthings: useless'. If only more musicians took heed of that comment in general. And if only more pianists demonstrated Janacek's wish in their performances of his music. The record catalogues are riddled with bland performances, and thankfully, Lisa Moore is an exception to this unfortunate rule. The sheer physical awkwardness of Janacek's writing holds no fear for her and her dynamic gradations and pedalling are near-perfect."
Cyrus Meher-Homji (Soundscapes)

"Among my favourite recordings [of Janacek] are Firkusny and Postnikova. Moore's disc sits very easily in their company. Indeed, it combines the best of both their approaches. Firkusny's is characterised by a mellowness, and an almost yearning sense of the lyricism of Janacek; Postnikova, equally validly, emphasises the perky rhythms and the often terse manner in which the phrases chop and change. Moore occasionally employs a touch more rubato that Firkusny, and yet there also is greater rhythmic tension to her performances than Postnikova;s. So if the Sonata benefits from an added degree of melodic expressivity, In the Mist contains a touch more backbone that ion some performances. The piano sound throughout is rich and natural, even by Tall Poppies high standards in this area."
Andrew Ford (24 Hours)


Janacek: Sonata 1.x.1905 'From the Street'
Janacek: In the mist
Janacek: On an overgrown path - Series 1 and 2
Janacek: Paralipomena


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