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Ian Holtham - piano

They say there is nothing new under the sun. New works of art challenge this notion. In this new piano recording by Ian Holtham, all the works, commissioned from his Melbourne composer colleagues, are responses to major works in the piano literature. Something new has arisen, phoenix-like, out of something old.

The remarkable works presented here are all world premier recordings. Their genesis lies in a relationship with canonic piano repertoire ranging from Scarlatti to Liszt. In all eight works composers from the present use as their compositional starting point composer models who have been central to the world of the piano for aeons. Eight quite different compositional viewpoints also present a snapshot of the state of contemporary composition in Melbourne.

Included in this CD are the four new works which constitute what Holtham has called the ‘Melbourne Schubert Project’: a set of musical reactions from the four most senior members of the University of Melbourne’s composition staff to Schubert’s last piano sonata. As a group, the four pieces essentially present a twenty-first century response to one of the most beloved of all piano compositions.


Katy Abbott Glisten
Elliott Gyger As it were (after Op. 26 & Op. 110)
Stuart Greenbaum The Petrarch Ascension
Johanna Selleck Homage to Liszt
I Barry Conyngham Responce
II Elliott Gyger Incision
III Mark Clement Pollard Schubert 3
IV Stuart Greenbaum Schubert: 1828, an introspection