In Flight

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In Flight

Harold Gretton (classical guitar)

Classical guitarist Harold Gretton presents a varied program of guitar pieces composed over the last 300 years. From the 18th century Sylvius Leopold Weiß to Harold Gretton's own collection of Australian bird-inspired pieces in the 21st century.

From the 18th Century Sylvius Leopold Weiß to Gretton's own collection of Australian bird-inspired pieces of the 21st century, classical guitarist Harold Gretton brings a diverse mix of masterpieces to life. His interpretive approach is founded as much on passion and imagination as on meticulous research, and is captured to perfection by engineer John Taylor in the unique acoustic of the Gothic church in Weston.

The album contains not only a varied palette of compositions, from classical and Latin favourites to world- premiere recordings, but also incredible watercolours by Penny Deacon, along with thorough historical and personal notations.

Track Listing:

Introduction, Theme and Variations on “O cara armonia” from the Magic Flute, op.9 - Fernando Sor

Fantaisie Hongroise op.65 - Johann Kaspar Mertz

The Prince’s Toys - Nikita Koshkin
i. The mischievous prince
II. The mechanical monkey
III The doll with the blinking eyes
IV. Tin soldiers
V. The prince’s coach

Three works in D - Sylvius Leopold Weiss

Flock - Harold Gretton
I. Currawong
II. Magpie
III. Blue Wren
IV. Galah
V. Rainbow Lorikeet

Danza Brasilera - Jorge Morel

La Negra - Antonio Lauro

Estrellita - Manuel Ponce

La Muerte del Angel - Ástor Piazzolla

Inarticulate Music - Harold Gretton


Move Records
MCD 627