Immersion [3CD]

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Deborah Kayser (Soprano)
Adam Simmons (Saxophones, clarinets)
Anthony Schulz (Piano Accordion)
Peter Neville (Percussion)
Matthias Schack Arnott (Percussion)
Nick Tsiavos (Contrabass/Composer and Artistic Director)
Jim Atkins (Producer/Recording Engineer)

You are definitely in for a wild ride here through a 3 CD set documenting elements of an (originally) 15 hour performance, of which The Guardian said:

‘As their exquisitely beautiful, occasionally liturgical performance filled the space – seemingly cut straight from an ancient wall of sandstone – the audience of tourists, ancient music experts, jazz stars and sleepy children received a sacrament of sound.’

Six musicians journey into an exploration of darkness and light, immersing themselves into an unknown landscape; wholly open to acts of transformation upon their psyches, they sink into an abyss of dreams.


All music by Nick Tsiavos

Disc 1

1. The Swimmer
2. I woke
3. Alleluia in G
4. Distillation E
5. The Miller’s Tale
6. You, whose mouth
7. Alleluia in F/ Distillation D
8. With Delicate Art

Disc 2

1. Alleluia in E
2. What were you looking for
3. Aperture 1/ Diamond Ring
4. Organum/ Slow waltz
5. Oson zis
6. Unchorale

Disc 3

1. Metaphysics
2. A Listing of Angels