Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Christ

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Geoffrey Lancaster – fortepiano

This is one of the most extraordinary of Haydn’s late works. Five versions exist, including the original orchestral work. This keyboard version was made by his publisher, Artaria, and was thoroughly approved by the composer. It is a work full of passion and contemplation and given a superlative performance. It is the first Australian recording of this piece, and it shines in comparison to the six other performances currently available on CD.

Tall Poppies is delighted to be given permission to reproduce Roy de Maistre's superb "Christ on the Cross" to give a visual insight into this profound piece of music.

The recording was made with the assistance of Edith Cowan University.


Joseph Haydn:

Sonata I Pater, dimitte illis, quia nesciunt, quid faciunt
Sonata II Hodie mecum eris in Paradiso
Sonata III Mulier, ecce filius tuus
Sonata IV Deus meus, ut quid dereliquisti me?
Sonata V Sitio
Sonata VI Consummatum est
Sonata VII In manus tuas, Domine, commendo Spiritum meum
Postlude Il Terremoto