Handel: Italian Cantatas

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Tall Poppies

Jacqueline Ogeil - director

Miriam Allan, soprano
Christopher Field, alto
Michael Leighton Jones, basso
Catherine Shugg, violino
Nicole Forsyth, violino
Robin Hillier, flauto traverso
Rosanne Hunt, violoncello
Samantha Cohen, chitarrone
Jacqueline Ogeil, cembalo

Arcadia hails from Melbourne, and specialises in baroque cantata repertoire. Here they perform five of Handel's Italian cantatas, works full of fire and passion. This is virtuosic music, beautifully performed. Arcadia's first CD, Buxtehude Cantatas (TP157) has received rave responses from the press.


Cuopre tal volta il cielo (HWV 98) Naples, 1708
(basso, due violini e basso continuo)

Tu fedel? tu costante? (HWV 171) Venice/Rome, 1706/07
(soprano, due violini e basso continuo)

Mi palpita il cor (HWV 132c) London, 1710/1711
(contratenore, flauto traverso e basso continuo)

Spande ancor a mio dispetto (HWV165) Hanover 1710
(basso, due violini e basso continuo)

Amarilli vezzosa (Il duello amoroso) (HWV 82) copyist’s bill dated 28 August 1708
(soprano, alto, due violini e basso continuo)