Grieg Lieder - Lise Davidsen

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Lise Davidsen (soprano), Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)


Two of Norway’s most celebrated musicians come together to perform the music of the country’s most celebrated composer. Recorded in the Arctic Circle in Bodø – Lise describes ‘magical’ time recording this music with a special team in rural Norway.


The Mountain Maid (Haugtussa), Op.67
I. Singing
II. The Little Maid
III. Bilberry Slopes
IV. Meeting
V. Love
VI. Kids Dance
VII. Unhappy Day
VIII. At the Gjætle Brook

6 Songs, Op.25
II. A Swan
IV. With a Water Lily

6 Elegiac Songs, Op.59
III. To Her (I)
IV. To Her (II)

Melodies of the Heart, Op.5: III. I Love You

5 Songs, Op.60: V. Midsummer Eve

12 Songs, Op.33: IX. In the Hills

5 Songs, Op. 69
I. A Boat on the Waves Is Rocking
II. To My Son
III. At Mother’s Grave
IV. Snail, Snail!
V. Dreams

Romances and Songs, Op.18: V. Poesy

6 Lieder, Op.48
I. Gruß
II. Dereinst, Gedanke mein
III. Lauf der Welt
IV. Die verschwiegene Nachtigall
V. Zur Rosenzeit
VI. Ein Traum

12 Songs, Op.33: II. Spring


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