Gardener of Time: Barry Conyngham at 75

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Gardener of Time: Barry Conyngham at 75

This double-CD contains seven orchestral works, all by composer Barry Conyngham perhaps Australia’s most international composer, with premieres and performances of his works in Japan, America, Europe, Russia and throughout Australia. The Ormond Ensemble is conducted by Richard Davis.


Over his long career as a composer, Barry Conyngham has published over 100 works. In his compositions, Barry has often enjoyed using titles that convey multiple meanings and suggest musical processes. Many of the titles embody the suffix ‘-ing’, suggesting something unfinished, or in the process of unfolding.

This is a bouquet from the garden of his musical imagination, and indeed most of these works are infused with a vivid and specific sense of landscape. These diverse landscapes, brought to life in sound, are also animated by a multitude of human energies, as the soloists and the ensemble move together with the vectored synergies that Barry imagined. This sound garden allows us to savour the world of colours, gestures, and resonances in Barry’s music.


Track Listing:

To The Edge

Mallorca Serenade

Kangaroo Island: Concerto for double bass and orchestra
- 1. Coastline – Seals – Visitors
- 2. Flatland – Kangaroos – Roadkill
- 3. Caves – Bats – Wonders
- 4. Treeline – Koalas – Survival
- 5. Skyline – Bees – Captives

- 1. Dry Spell
- 2. Deluge
- 3. Petrichor

Darwin: Comparing the Eye to a Telescope

Gardener of Time

Bushfire Dreaming


Released February 2021

  • Move Records
  • MD 3455