Frederick Septimus Kelly Orchestral Works [2CD]

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Frederick Septimus Kelly (1881-1916)

Orchestral Works

  • ABC Classics
  • 4818890
  • 2CD set

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Northey, Johannes Fritzsch


His music – crafted entirely in his head, and only committed to paper once perfected – displays touching lyricism and profound invention.

Even during the war, he never stopped writing music: on troop ships during long ocean crossings, in training camps, in the trenches of Gallipoli, in a military hospital recovering from war wounds, in a bombed-out cellar barely 300 metres from enemy lines in France. This album presents his complete catalogue of orchestral works, many recorded here for the first time.



Elegy in Memoriam Rupert Brooke
German Symphony
The Somme Lament
A Coin for the Ferryman
Two Organ Preludes
Serenade for flute, harp, horn and strings
Songs of Love and Loss


Benjamin Northey (conductor)
Johannes Fritzsch (conductor)
Douglas Mackie (flute)
Marshall McGuire (harp)
Geoff Lierse (horn)
Andrew Goodwin (tenor)
Christina Wilson (mezzo-soprano)
Erin Helyard (keyboard)