…for Sonja

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Tony Gould

…for Sonja

This recording is dedicated to my dear friend Sonja Krawatt, a remarkable woman in many ways: generous, spirited, a lover of music and the other arts, passionate about life and her fellow human beings. – Tony Gould

The pieces on this recording are all well known especially in Jewish circles, but they are such lovely songs melodically their appeal crosses cultural boundaries quiet easily, as all good music does. The majority of them are traditional and emotionally rich. The inclusion of the more recent theme by John Williams from the wonderful movie Schindler’s List is a lovely example of how our great art transcends time, and is capable of underpinning the most profound human feelings. The woman to whom this recording is named and dedicated was a great lover of music and the other arts and a generous spirit in the broadest sense of the term. – Tony Gould

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MCD 517