Flute Perspectives 2

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Flute Perspectives 2

Derek Jones (flute) and Cameron Roberts (piano) present a program of new Australian works composed by Anne Boyd, Stuart Greenbaum, Rohan Phillips, Mark Pollard and Richard Meale.


Stuart Greenbaum: Sonata for Flute and Piano (2015)
i. distance to Ganymede: 628,300,000 km
ii. ice crust: 150 km thick
iii. saltwater ocean underground
iv. for those in peril on the sea

Rohan Phillips: Seven Fragments after Paul Celan - Fragment III - in the liquefied names the dolphins dart

Anne Boyd: “Cloudy Mountain” for Flute and Piano (1981)

Mark Pollard: Three miniatures
i. Sheridan Close for solo piccolo
ii. The Amber Room for solo alto flute
iii. Illoura House for solo flute

Richard Meale: Sonata for Flute and Piano (1960)
i. movement 1
ii. movement 2
iii. movement 3
iv. movement 4

Released May 2020

Move Records MD 3449