Flowers Still Bloom

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Flowers Still Bloom - Compositions by Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson (guitar)


In the midst of Melbourne's first lockdown, Michelle Nelson experienced what so many other musicians did - lack of work, isolation, and the time and space to contemplate life as we knew it and know it.

Flowers Still Bloom (MCD 621), Michelle's third release, reflects some of the unique themes of our time - death of a loved one, seasonal motifs, and the experience of time spent in lockdown. Each track is replete with depth, grace and beauty

Michelle's guitar pairs with Megan Reeve's harp in the deeply moving Falling Ashes and Floating Free. In Eight Bagatelles for Recorder & Guitar the sweet pairing of guitar and recorder are heard in joyful play. Of course, in the true spirit of isolation there are solo pieces - for guitar and ukelele, with the truly moving Isolation Suite rounding out the album and conveying through Michelle's exquisite guitar playing, the many ups and downs of alone-ness.

Track Listing:

Falling Ashes

Floating Free

La despedida (The farewell)

Short & Sweet - Three Pieces for Concert Ukulele:
Poco Allegro: expressivo e rubato
Vivace: quasi waltz style
Moderato: delicato e rubato

Isolation Suite for Solo guitar, nos. 1-4:
Steel Grey
Sunset Reflection

Eight Bagatelles for Recorder & Guitar:
Poco allegro
Poco allegro e cantabile
Poco adagio
Allegro e sempre legato

Isolation Suite - nos. 5-8:
Rising Tensions
Flowers Still Bloom


Michelle Nelson · guitar
Megan Reeve · harp · tracks 1 and 2
Will Hardy · recorder · tracks 11—18


Move Records
MCD 621