Fairy Tales, Monsters and Wild Animals

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Made for young and old, Meredith Connie's performances on this CD have enchanted audiences across two continents, evoking fantastical worlds and appealing to classical and non-classical, guitar and non-guitar based audiences.

The program is based around the major new work for guitar and narration, "In the Wild", and is complemented by works that are themed around fantastical worlds and things that go bump in the night (works by Stepan Rak, J.K Mertz, Phillip Houghton). It’s a fun, dynamic program and has gotten great responses from audiences for it’s ageless appeal and programmatic elements.

Featuring the virtuosic, fiery drama of Stepan Rak’s Czech Fairy Tales, the foreboding supernatural darkness of nineteenth century virtuoso guitarist J.K. Mertz, and the whimsy and playfulness of Philip Houghton’s Gothica, this new solo guitar recording traverses the heightened world of fantasy. In the tradition of Platero Y Yo (Castelnuovo-Tedesco) and other works for guitar and narration, the recording also features a new work by Meredith Connie based on the poetry of David Elliott, titled “In the Wild”. Ranging from the humorous to the tragic, these short character pieces depict various wild animals, and have been praised by numerous international artists.

MCD 567