Fable - Jacinta Dennett

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Australian works for solo harp

Jacinta Dennett (harp)


The breadth of this remarkable collection of solo harp music encompasses sixty-six years of original Australian composition, performed by Jacinta Dennett, featuring Australian women composers and showcasing the harp’s unique sonic and expressive qualities as a solo instrument.

The stylistic diversity among this cohort of composers is illuminated, advocating the extraordinary capacity of the harp to sound and express the richness of their differences.

From the outset of her creative education, Jacinta Dennett has intrinsically entwined movement and music. The responsive nature of the harp and its unique capacity to continue resounding after it has been played have led Jacinta to research the essence of gesture in harp playing and develop her idiosyncratic performance style.

Track Listing:

Helen Gifford: Fable

Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Sonata for Harp
I. Saeta
II. Pastorale
III. Rondo

Miriam Hyde: Sunlit Waterfall

Elena Kats-Chernin: Chamber of Horrors

Eve Duncan; The Sun Behind It, Burning It

Jennifer Fowler: Threaded Stars 2

Johanna Selleck: Spindrift

Alicia Grant: Three Pieces for Harp
I. Sea Breezes
II. Footprints in the sand: Homage to Debussy
III. Ocean Floor


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