Evenings with French Horn

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Evenings with the French Horn

Mark Papworth (horn), Rosa Scaffidi (piano)


Mark Papworth (natural and valved horns) and Rosa Scaffidi (piano) perform music by Berlioz and Blanc. This CD features repertoire that highlights two different types of horns used in France in the late 19th century.

Whilst much of Europe had adopted playing on the valved horn by the middle of the nineteenth century, Parisian horn players persisted with the valveless natural horn until the end of the century. The natural horn was taught at the Paris Conservatoire until 1902. As a result, French composers during this time wrote for both natural and valved horns, and it was common for orchestras to use two natural horns and two valved horns.


Hector Berlioz: Les nuits d’ete, Op. 7(transcr. Mark Papworth)

Adolphe Blanc: Sonate pour cor et piano, Op. 43


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