Ernest Bloch: Viola and Piano

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Ernest Bloch: Viola and Piano

Barbara Hornung and Danaë Killian have played as a duo for a number of years, with the viola and piano works of Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch (1880-1959) forming the heart of their musical collaboration.

Both musicians are highly individual. A free flow of originality and freshness permeates their ensemble.

Known best for his music on Jewish cultural and liturgical themes, Bloch was an eclectic modernist composer who drew inspiration from around the globe to create his original and compelling language. His music speaks with the intensity, freshness, and variety of a force of nature.

The compositions for Viola and Piano by Jewish Swiss-born American composer Ernest Bloch range from dramatic intensity and directness to other worldly beauty. You will hear a Meditation of great depth, the exquisite simplicity of the Enfantines for Children for Piano, and sadness, hope, discord and resolution in the Suite for Viola Solo. There are optimistic Processionals to be enjoyed as well as music of compelling rhapsodic freedom. The CD concludes with a joyous and empowering Affirmation.

Move Records
MCD 578