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Orchestral, chamber and operatic music by composer Eve Duncan


This new collection from Eve Duncan presents her creative process over the years 2012 to 2018. There are multiple themes and collaborations here. Most of the music is about the joy and uplifting feeling that one experiences in fantasy - hence the title, Elephantasy. Eve has loved elephants her whole life and so joined her love of music/fantasy to create the title.

The Aspern Papers was a highlight of Eve's composing career with the opportunity to collaborate with one of Australia's most iconic writers, David Malouf. It is an opera based on a short story by Henry James, with Malouf's compelling and funny lyrics inspiring Eve's compositions.

Another of Eve's interests - combining coastal architecture into her music, can be found in the piano concerto Sydney Opera House. Considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the building of the Sydney Opera House was a huge event in Australia. In this architecturally-inspired work the piano performance of Michael Kieran Harvey takes on the voice of architect Jørn Utzon, as he plays alongside a chamber orchestra.

If variety and creativity are the spice of life - this is a delicious and highly satisfying recipe!


Track Listing

Approaching Venice
Sydney Opera House I
Sydney Opera House II
Deep in Summer
From a Star Afar
The Aspern Papers
- I Told You Mr Vayne, Nothing Here is Mine
- Do You Think I Am Beautiful?
- Ah, But I Do Know His Face
- Juliana and Jeffrey’s Love Duet
- So This is the Dragon’s Den
- If You Were a Relation
Aer Turas


Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra · ensemble · track 1
Josefino Chino Toledo · conductor · track 1
Eve Duncan Chamber Orchestra · ensemble · tracks 2, 3 and 6—11
Timothy Phillips · conductor · tracks 2, 3 and 6—11
Michael Kieran Harvey · piano · tracks 2—5
Tristram Williams · trumpet · track 4
Justine Anderson · soprano · tracks 6, 10 and 11
Jerzy Kozlowski · baritone · tracks 6, 8, 10 and 11
Deborah Kayser · alto · tracks 7—11
Dan Walker · counter-tenor · track 9
Sirius Ensemble · ensemble · track 12

Released March 2021

  • Move Records
  • MD 3454