Doppler's Web

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Doppler's Web

Music by Alan Holley

Paul Goodchild (trumpet), Sydney Symphony Orchestra

” Natural phenomena and sounds are the starting point for my trumpet concerto Doppler’s Web. The effect described by the 19th century Austrian physicist Christian Doppler has long intrigued me – the apparent change in pitch as a sound approaches you and travels away. Even though this ‘bending’ of pitch is easily noticed when a train or a vehicle with a siren approaches and then travels on it can also be perceived when a bird darts past you – the ‘whoosh’ sound seems higher in pitch for a second before dropping……..”   Alan Holley

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Track Listing:

Doppler’s Web – Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
Paul Goodchild (trumpet), Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conductor Simone Young

Chamber Symphony
The Gallery Players, conductor Alan Holley

A Line of Stars
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conductor Hubert Soudant

The Winged Viola
The Gallery Players, conductor Alan Holley