Diamond Morning

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Viney-Grinberg Duo
Music for Two Pianos
Two pianos and (maximal) minimalism.

As the Duo says: "This recording celebrates musical minimalism – and its ability to move in time, space and memory – in a maximal way. Through vivid evocations of diverse geographies, a groove-inflected narrative wends through locales such as Bali, Persia, New York City, the Northern California/Nevada border, and Australia’s Wollombin/Mount Warning, in northern New South Wales."

It is a truly international picture that is being painted here. Music by Australian Michael Hannan sits comfortably with music by composers from Estonia, Canada, New York and South Africa.

The Viney-Ginberg Duo is Australia's only piano duo actively commissioning and recording new works at this time. Their performance of John Adams' Hallelujah Junction was described as "barnstorming" by The Australian. Liam Viney and Anna Grinberg bring energy and virtuosity to their work.