Curious Caledonians

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Curious Caledonians

Evergreen Ensemble


Curious Caledonians offers a rare insight into domestic and public music-making in Australia since 1788, honouring the extraordinary contributions of Scottish culture to Australian society. Part classical, part folk, part Scottish, part Australian, this album captures the musical – and emotional – landscape of the early Australian settlement.


1.Miss Susanna Baird’s Reel / Miss Johnston’s Reel

2.Black Mary

3.The Emigrant Highlander’s Wife

4.The Blue Bell of Scotland


6.Laddie Oh Leave Me

7.Hit Her on the Bum

8.The Favorite Scotch Rondo

9.The Hen’s March / Sir George Murray’s Favorite / The Duke of Wellington

10.The Marquis of Huntly’s Welcome Home / [No] 6 Dance

11.Ye Banks and Braes

12.Jenny Dang the Weaver

13.The Banks of Clyde

14.Lord Moira’s Welcome / Miss Jeann Stewart of Bohally’s Reel

15.The Horse-man’s Port

16.Queen of France’s Lamentation

17.Blackbird Waltz

18.La Fenella 19.Don Alphonso

Evergreen Ensemble: Shane Lestideau (violin), Ben Dollman (violin & viola), Allegra Giagu (mezzo-soprano), Claire Patti (soprano & Celtic harp)

Guest Artists: Aaron McGregor (violin), Daniel Yeadon (cello), Neal Peres Da Costa (19th-century square piano), David McGuinness (19th-century square piano & harpsichord)