Contemporary Australian Piano

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A valuable collection of Australian compositions for piano, by some of Australia's most respected and inventive composers and performed by pianist-composer, Larry Sitsky.

A disc of extreme contrasts, ranging from Keith Humble's fiery 'Sonatas 1 and 2' to the Joplinesque Mary Mageau's 'Elite Syncopations'. It includes Sitsky's own rhapsodic pieces 'Fantasia No. 1 and No. 4'; Helen Gifford's 'The Spell 'and 'Cantillation'; Lawrence Whiffin's 'Prelude', Haydn Reeder's 'Masks', Nigel Butterley's 'Uttering Joyous Leaves', John McCaughey's 'Five Small Pieces', Theodore Dollarhide's 'Ragings of a One Pot Screamer', Ann Ghandar's 'Eshelgharam', and Mark Pollard's 'Krebs'. A truly valuable collection!

MD 3066