Conchita Supervia Volume 5

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Over the past several years, we have published four volumes (2 CDs each) containing the complete known recordings of the Catalan mezzo, Conchita Supervia. We delayed issuing volume four because there were four recordings which we were still trying to locate: Ki3512 Canço de traginers (Longás); SO6942 Boires baixes (Granados); SO7901 El milagro de la virgen: Romanza (Chapi); SO7902 La reina mora: Romanza (Serrano). After what we thought was exhaustive searching, we more or less gave up hope and issued the final volume minus these titles. Now that the series has been completed, those four sides finally surfaced. Thanks to a library in Barcelona and a private collector, we have issued these very rare sides, together with six alternative takes not included in our previous releases. The accompanying booklet contains only a list of the contents.