Claire Edwardes: Flash

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  • Miniatures for Marimba
  • Claire Edwardes - marimba

Flash is Claire’s second recording for Tall Poppies - a charming compilation of miniatures for the marimba. Inspired by her formative musical years as a pianist and her two young daughters, Claire has chosen a program of new and transcribed gems for the mellow sonorities of the grand five octave marimba. The Australian works have, in the most part, been written especially for the project, and these sit cheek-by-jowl with transcriptions of well-known children’s piano pieces by Bach, Bartók, Corea, Kabalevsky, Schumann and Tchaikovsky. New works for the marimba have been written by Claire’s long-term friends and collaborators Elena Kats-Chernin, Stuart Greenbaum, Andrea Keller, Daniel Rojas and Matthew Hindson - their works are true gifts to Claire, marimba players of the future and future listeners of this CD.

Bach/Hassler: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Matthias Schmitt: Sechs Minaturen: no's 2,5,6
Bach: Lute Suite in E minor, BWV 996
Elena Kats-Chernin: Violet's Etude
Bartók: from Mikrokosmos:
Bulgarian Rhythm
Stuart Greenbaum: April Revisited
Schumann: From Album for the Young:
Chorale, Op 68/4
A Little Study, Op 68/14
Mignon, Op 68/5
Andrea Keller: Pierrot the Clown
Chick Corea from Children's Songs: no's 18,1,6
Daniel Rojas: Mirimba
Shostakovich: from Six Little Pieces & Ballet Suite no 3
La Poupée Mecanique
Lyrical Waltz
Histoire Gaie
Gerard Brophy: Trance Ripples
Kabalevsky: from The First Book for Pianists
An Ancient Dance, op 27/7
A Short Story, op 39/22
A Little Song, op 27/2
Ross Edwards: Marimba Dances (1st movt)
Tchaikovsky: from Album for the Young, Op 39
Old French Song
Morning Prayer
Matthew Hindson: Flash