Blue Silence - Australian music for Cello and Piano

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  • Blue Silence
  • Australian music for cello and piano
  • David Pereira - cello
  • Timothy Young - piano

This is the first disc of its kind to be released in Australia - an overview of important works written for cello and piano, spanning a period of 108 years. The earliest work is the Grainger Scandinavian Suite, a tour de force for both performers and a work that deserves a place in the concert hall. Other heritage masterpieces include Ian Farr’s Sonata, a work which repays the time spent to becoming acquainted with it, and neglected since its initial performances, and Don Banks’ seminal Three Studies.

The latest work on the CD is one of several of Martin Wesley-Smith’s Papuan works: Morning Star Lament, which requires the cellist to sing. Elena Kats-Chernin’s Blue Silence, Alicia Grant’s Night Spell and Ian Munro’s Lucy Sleeps all cast a gentle spell, which is totally dispelled by Hindson’s racy Jungle Fever.

David Pereira teams up with Timothy Young (pianist at the Australian National Academy of Music) to present these works.


Elena Kats-Chernin: Blue Silence (2006)
Percy Grainger: La Scandinavie (1902)
Don Banks: Three Studies for Violoncello and Piano (1954)
Alicia Grant: Night Spell (2006)
Martin Wesley-Smith: Morning Star Lament (2010)
Ian Farr: Sonata for cello and piano (1969)
Ian Munro: Lucy Sleeps (1992)
Matthew Hindson: Jungle Fever (1998)